Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Top Pick

I am absolutely in love with this blouse from Girly Girl Boutique!

This top is perfect! It's not too loud, but it is a statement, yet it is so classy and elegant that it is respectable. I love the color (coral is very popular right now) and don't even get me started on chevron! 

I will have it known that I absolutely adore chevron. It has gotten to a point where I wish I would be able to decorate my whole dorm room with chevron. I know it would clash so I have to hold myself back and stick to only one or two items. Considering how crazy I am over chevron, I have very few items in my closet that are chevron! I am saving my money before I go to college so I can splurge on new clothes and treat myself to some really nice things (and a lot of chevron, of course!)

I have made a whole list of the things I want buy for college! Considering I will be attending Appalachian State University this fall, I intend to have a large collection of cold/wet weather gear, but I will get into all of that in a later post:)

I plan to update my blog almost everyday starting now, and continuing through college! 

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