Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pretty and Polished!

           I took the time today to address those of you who own nice leather boots or shoes! don't give up on them when they start to look a bit worn! POLISH them! It only took me about 15 minutes (including the annoyances my boyfriend caused! I would have been done in about 8). I polished 2 pairs of shoes, and now you can follow these instructions and polish your own shoes, so they can last longer and stay just as pretty:)

Etienne Aigner
Comparing the toes
L- before
water/ oil stains

Here are some picture of my Etienne Aigner riding boots. I polished these first because I knew they would have a better result. I got them in December, so they aren't as worn as my top siders!  

As is obvious, these are my (incredibly worn) top siders. I got these my freshman year or highschool (also in December) so they have about 3 and a half years of wear and tear.


What you need:

Polish (in the colors of the various leathers)
Thick bristle polish brushes (and/or a towel)
a t-shirt (I used the one I was wearing because I was getting dirty anyways)


What you do:

1. Apply a generous amount of polish to the towel or brush
2. Rub the polish into the leather in small circular movements
3. Using a clean portion of the towel wipe off the excess polish
(again, in small circles)
4. Using your t-shirt "buff" the surface in quick back and forth strokes.
apply pressure (it helps if someone else can hold the shoes down for you)
This is my finished result. Since you cant see as well with a picture, it may not be as obvious of an improvement, but I can definitely see it:) The boots improved much more than the sperry's did, but that is okay because I like this style of topsider worn. I hope this post will be helpful to those of you with a pair of leather shoes that need some attention! good luck everyone!


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