Thursday, May 9, 2013

So Many Choices!

I can't decide!

I have been thinking about what I would like my dorm room to look like. The first things someone is going to see when they walk into your dorm room are the beds, because they are the biggest things in the room. Therefor, your comforter is a statement piece, it defines you and your style. I have come to the conclusion that most comforters and duvets that can be purchased are either too flimsy or too over priced. 

I stopped by Hancock Fabric during my break from school and I browed the upholstery section and absolutely fell in love with SO MANY options! Like I said, duvets that can be purchased aren't a good bargain, so I plan to make duvets for myself and my roommate. I really hope we can come to a conclusion on a fabric we both like!

Fabric Options:

There are so many options! the two pictures in the middle are swatches of fabric that you can order, each picture has five different swatches that are next to each other! 

Tell me what you think about these fabrics! which one should i use?

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